Data protection at Lingo

We would like to remind you that Functional Skills course provided by our centres is funded from the Adult Educational Budget

This means you do not pay for it.

However, to ensure you are eligible, e.g. live in the UK (in a certain area), have National Insurance Number, etc., you need to fill out the registration form.

All the information given is essential to the funding company. We can ensure that your data is absolutely safe with us. To enable that Lingo Learning Centre stores your data safely by following the GDPR-GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION.

We are registered in the ICO-INFORMATION COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE, which constantly protects and insures your data.

Your data will not be used for other purposes than those related to taking the free Functional Skills course.

If you don’t wish to disclose your personal data despite the above, unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a fully-funded programme, so please be aware of that.

Thank you!

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