• The atmosphere at Lingo is magical. I long for new classes to start right after finishing the previous one. They have the bests teachers and staff. It’s a wonderful place to study languages at.

  • I'm extremely grateful to Lingo's staff and teachers to allow me to learn in a pleasant atmosphere and with great outcomes! I can recommend Lingo's courses to everyone who doesn't want to pay for courses but still learn a lot! Fantastic place!!!!

  • They are amazing at helping people understand English and maths, they provide a lot of support and have a very kind team of staff.

  • This is a good place to learn skills I had a good time and learned a lot thank you.

  • I highly recommend! I was surprised that in a few weeks I could do a course and get a certificate, and in other schools it takes a year. And above all, it’s free – total shock!

    Kasia - Lingo Coventry
  • A great atmosphere, no stress. I was Entry 2, and the teacher was very good at explaining things to us clearly. I recommend this course!

    Marek - Lingo Erdington
  • The conversation course is mega! A good price, and the teacher really knows what he is doing, a lot of talking during the lessons. I highly recommend!

    Jaroslaw - Lingo Erdington
  • A great school, I started with E1, now I will be doing L2. In Poland, I was not able to afford such courses, and here everything is free and I can reconcile it with work, a great option.

    Aga - Lingo West Bromwich
  • I am delighted with the conversational course with James. Fully professional, a fast pace, you sometimes have to sweat a lot, but it's really worth it!

    Joanna - Lingo Erdington
  • I went a year to another school at Entry 2, and then I moved to Lingo with a friend and I regret that I had not heard about this school before. No comparison! There it was one and the same, with no progress, boredom; here at ease, everything explained as needed and you do not have to apply for any funding because it is free. I recommend to everyone.

    Malgosia - Lingo West Bromwich
  • I'm attending a business and administration course. Super organisation, the girls helped in all the formalities, and I got agovernment loan granted without a problem. You have to take advantage!

    Piotr - Lingo Erdington
  • Cool school, but for me a few weeks at one level is not enough. More to refresh yourself than to learn from scratch. The atmosphere is cool.

    Zuza - Lingo West Bromwich
  • These free courses are so-so, just a lot of tasks for homework. It is hard to find time.

    Marek - Lingo Coventry
  • As for me at L1 these is a lot of grammar, but generally a nice course.

    Kasia - Lingo Erdington
  • The conversation course is a nice thing, although it was difficult at the beginning because it was fast and I could not keep up. Very intensive course, but with time it gets better.

    Aga - Lingo Erdington
  • I’m so happy about the course, all the staff are so friendly and also I learn many things.

  • Very nice classes and teachers. I would recommend it to friends. I am very happy with the course because the method is approachable.

  • I just want thank you for this opportunity in my life. Thanks a lot to all staff!


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