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Welcome to Lingo Learning Centre! Our school was founded in 2013.

During this time, thousands of students came to our thresholds

who acquired qualifications recognised throughout the UK, and improving their language skills, in many cases made it easier for them to find a better job, a new home, or allow them to make new friends.


In our offer, you will find some courses

from completely free, funded by government and EU, through conversational courses – typically focused on learning how to speak English.

Lingo staff is multilingual; we speak Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, and even Romanian.

Our goal is to bring you exactly where you want to be. Carefully selected teachers who are experts in their fields will conduct an initial assessment with you, present the best solutions for you and help you put them into practice.


Throughout your adventure with Lingo, our administrators will also support you

always friendly, open, and willing to help. Also, remember that all your sensitive data is well protected with us! ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) supervises them, which guarantees the highest standard of protection of the information you provide.

Do you have bad memories of your school years and are afraid of this happening again?

Completely unnecessary! You will see that our groups are smaller than school classes, the atmosphere is really friendly, and you will be treated like an adult – without issuing grades. Find out today!


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