IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is a language test that is used to assess the level of English proficiency of people admitted to university or to work.

Thanks to 24-week course at Lingo, you will easily succeed in the exam and take the first step to achieving your dreams!

IELTS at a glance:

  • The exam is accepted by over 8,000 organizations around the world,
  • with over 2 million candidates each year.
  • There is the opportunity to study at an academic or general level,
  • four components of the exam, testing the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening,
  • assessment of results based on a unique nine-point scale that accurately reflects your level of language proficiency (see table):

CEFR level

IELTS band



IELTS band: 8

IELTS band: 7.5

IELTS band: 7



IELTS band: 6.5

IELTS band: 6

IELTS band: 5.5



IELTS band: 5

IELTS band: 4.5

IELTS band: 4

The advantages of the IELTS preparation course at Lingo:

  • intensive education in 24 weeks,
  • an affordable price – £8 per hour – £576 for the whole course (10% discount possible),
  • learning using professional materials, mainly Cambridge,
  • focus on improving individual skills subject to the test,
  • practical advice and exercises,
  • help in determining the date of the exam (the exam costs £165).

Are YOU interested? Do you have any questions?

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