Refer a friend and get bonuses together!

Are you or have you been our student? Do you have good memories related to learning in Lingo?

Why not share information about our courses with friends? Recommend Lingo to your loved ones and together receive attractive bonuses!


  1. Anyone who register in the Lingo Learning Center, should give the name and contact details of the student who recommended her to our school.
  2. If a person finishes the course and approaches the exam, regardless of the result, both parties may choose one of the following bonuses:
    1. – voucher for one, two-hour English or Spanish Direct lesson
    2. – surprise voucher,
    3. – a small gift – a dictionary, a book in English, etc.
  3. In the event of a break in the course or failure to take the exam without providing reasons provided for in the course regulations, none of the parties receives a bonus.
  4. If three or more people are recommended for one course, person who recommend may use the voucher for two, two-hour English or Spanish Direct lessons, or choose two different bonuses, for example dictionary + voucher.
  5. Lingo Learning Centre reserves the right to change bonuses. Interested parties will be notified about the options available.

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