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Many of you ask why our Functional Skills English & Maths courses are free, how long they last, whether you will receive a certificate… Today we answer some of these questions. We hope that this will clear you up a bit and encourage you to take part in our courses. 

What are Functional Skills courses? Functional

Skills courses have been developed to meet employers’ concerns that many young people and adults lack a deep understanding of basic English and Maths. Studying Functional Skills will help you develop the skills you need in everyday life and at work. 

Why are Functional Skills courses free? 

These courses are funded by the European Union and the British government. The estimated cost of a 9-week course is over £ 400 – you have the chance to participate in it completely free –  but you need to complete the course and take the exam. 

What happens if I stop the course without giving a reason or do not take the exam? 

In the event of unreasonable cancellation of the course, i.e., without giving us an important reason – sudden life situation, illness, the unplanned event – you have to take into account the financial penalty imposed by the company that sponsors the course. Usually, it is over £ 100, and the bill is sent to you directly by the company. 

Why do I have to go to all classes? 

This is the requirement for companies that fund the course – both them and we want you to bring in as many new skills as possible. The course lasts only a few weeks, is very intense, so it is so important not to leave the classes, but also to work independently at home. Each absence must be reported to the administrator, and the material made up for itself. 

Can I only learn English or just Maths?

It is not possible. Functional Skills English & Maths is a combined qualification, as the name suggests and you should attend classes in both subjects.

 Why cannot you go to classes on other days if it is the same level? 

Each person is assigned to a given group and must attend classes with this group. The student is assigned to a given group based on the result of his initial assessments, which are assessed by the teacher. It’s just like in the school – you don’t change your class.  

Why do I have to sign so many documents? 

For the course to be free, both students and the school must meet many requirements of the founding company, including provide the funder with complete, complete documentation of each student. 

What certificate will I receive after completing a given level? 

After passing the exam, you get the Edexcel certificate. The Edexcel Level 1 / Level 2 certificates have been developed in response to the government’s wishes that all schools have access to international qualifications in the GCSE style. Edexcel certificates contain the key features of Edexcel International GCSE but are accredited for use in state schools in the United Kingdom. They are taught linearly and evaluated by written examinations. Each Edexcel certificate is equivalent to GCSE or International GCSE in this topic. For example, an Edexcel certificate in English has the same value as GCSE in English. 

Can I repeat a given level if I do not feel strong enough to go to the next one? 

Each student can complete a free course at a given level only once. If he fails to pass the exam, he can repeat it, but it is not possible to repeat the whole course.

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