Regardless of whether you are a born humanist or rather a typical strict mind,

for sure you will admit that you need some mathematical knowledge in everyday life.

Almost every job requires the ability to read, write and use numbers effectively. The fact is, however, that more and more people have problems with maths and, in effect, finding a satisfying job. Do not let one of these people be you!

Take matters into your own hands and get a qualification that will significantly increase your chances of achieving educational and professional success in the UK. The range of mathematical skills required by universities and employers is constantly changing, so the Functional Skills Maths course is designed to help you acquire, refresh and improve your math skills so that you can keep up with them.


The course on basic levels – Entry Levels (1,2,3) will enable you to:

  • the use of basic mathematical vocabulary related to numbers and numerical actions,
  • getting to know geometrical figures and their English naming and properties,
  • getting to know measurement units and measuring methods, saving and interpreting data in the form of tables and graphs,
  • understanding of fractions and percentages.

Each student may continue to study towards higher levels after obtaining a positive result from the exam.

The exam is obligatory and takes place in paper form at the Lingo. Students who achieve a positive exam result will receive an NCFE or EDEXCEL certificate, sent directly to the address of residence.

The course on Level 1 and Level 2 advanced levels will enable you to:

  • calculation of percentages, mathematical conversions, understanding of mathematical proportions and relations,
  • getting to know elements of algebra,
  • getting to know mathematical formulas and transforming them,
  • understanding of mathematical statistics and mathematical probability.

The exam allowing to obtain Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications is obligatory, takes place in Lingo, and the acquired qualifications are honoured with the NCFE or EDEXCEL certificate.

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