Have you ever wanted to invite an English-speaking colleague for a coffee  but were you afraid to speak, so as not to commit a blunder?

Landlord once again increases your rent, and you cannot communicate with him and fight for better conditions? Your child will soon start school and your level of language skills will not help you learn? Or maybe you are worried about Brexit, you would apply for citizenship, but in English you can only present yourself? This course is just for you!

Improving your English skills will allow you to get more out of life in the UK. Feel more at home, make new friends, answer your interview questions without unnecessary nerves, broaden your horizons.

At Lingo, we will help you overcome the basic barrier in speaking English – shyness. You will quickly find out that after each of our classes you will know more and gradually you will gain more and more language certainty.

The Functional Skills English course reflects the challenges of everyday life.
Improving your English will make easier to:

  • talk to doctors and teachers,
  • understand of laws and customs in Great Britain,
  • complete the course and obtain professional qualifications,
  • help your child with their homework.

The Functional Skills English course includes:

  • talking and listening,
  • reading and writing,
  • vocabulary,
  • grammar.

Courses are available at various levels, so you can start from the level appropriate for yourself.


The course on basic levels – Entry Levels (1,2,3) will enable you to:

  • speak in English using simple vocabulary,
  • question and answer simple questions,
  • read leaflets and forms,
  • proper use of personal data,
  • handle matters by phone or in person.

Each student may continue to study at higher levels after obtaining a positive result from the exam. The exam is compulsory and consists of three parts: reading comprehension, writing and listening and speaking.

Exams take place at the Lingo. Students who achieve a positive result from all parts of the exam will receive an EDEXCEL certificate, sent directly to the address of residence.

For those who would like to improve their English skills, prepare for GCSE or start their education in England, the Functional Skills English course at Level 1 and Level 2 will be useful.

The course on Level 1 and Level 2 advanced levels will enable you to:

  • clearly express your views in English,
  • use past, present and future time,
  • discuss familiar topics,
  • understand the information from the brochure, leaflets,
  • write formal and informal letters,
  • use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar,
  • take part in the discussion,
  • read and understand more complex texts,
  • write official letters and reports,
  • create and present multimedia presentations.

The exam allowing to obtain Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications is obligatory, takes place in Lingo, and the acquired qualifications are honored with the EDEXCEL certificate

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